editorial photography

specializing in stories about climate change and ecology

Kuna, Idaho - Snake River Watershed

Documenting my family farm as it transitions to regenerative farming practices after years of drought. 

After several years of regenerative practices such as not tilling up the soil, planting polycrops, not spraying pesticides and various forms of water conservation, the farm is seeing a return of birds, worms, and and many other critters. The farm is finally seeing some financial profits as well with lower water bills, lower fuel usage, and higher quality crops. 

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  1. Imaging Climate Change  
  2. Bristlecones (treelines)  
  3. Regenerative Agriculture
  4. SMT x The Radavist
  5. Discarded
  6. /ˈvalyo͞o/
  7. Beetle Kill
  8. Beetle Kill II

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